Abigail Eclair Lexica

12 year old problem solver


- Hates being called ‘Abby’; Prefers ‘Abigail’ or ‘Eclair’. Natural problem solver; lacks confidence.


Eclair may only be 12 years old, but she’s as intelligent as she is spunky. However if asked she will readily admit that despite her many feats as a young wizard, she actually knows very little about magic. This is in part due to the nature of the device she carries, known only as the “Endalie Key”.
Unable to give a better Explanation for what the Endalie Key is, Eclair describes it as a sort of "Celestial compass”. That said, it can mimic many of the spells she’s seen, and has even been known to perform a few ones she hasn’t. However the nature of this device remains for the most part, an Enigma. Be that as it may, Eclair is determined to find out what the Endalie Key is, and what it was made for, no matter how far it takes her!

Abigail Eclair Lexica

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