Nika Evangeline Bladesong

Sword Meister & Weapon Requipper


- plucky
- spunky
- overdeveloped sense of justice.

Nika Quotes:
– “I believe in Justice. If the law of the land upholds it, then I respect it; If not, then it can kiss my fluffy white panties!”


Taught by master Shiro Emiya in dual wielding and combat technique, Nika is a Blade requipper. A type of spell by which a Wizard may summon a weapon from a sort of personal stash, called a “reality marble”. The way they access this stash depends greatly on the nature of the weapon requipped, for it is a magic that varies greatly based on the talents of the user. Famous weapon requippers include Erza Scarlet, who could requip to any type of armor she acquired as well as most-any weapon she had witnessed. Nika’s talent however is in the blades themselves. She has been known to summon terrifying weapons of legend, like the Gae-boge spear, The Lightbringer, Lambent Light, and the legendary singing sword “Aria”. While unable to carry armor in her reality marble, Nika can encase herself in one suit of armor she keeps nearby, however she reserves it only for absolute emergencies.

Nika Evangeline Bladesong

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