Princess Mirai Rose Fairblest

Princess of Elam Tyrell


- Kind; Endeering personality.
- Independent Minded (for a princess)
- Somewhat indecisive.
- Prone to acting on her own when she isn’t the center of attention.

Mirai Quotes:

  • “We are all Sons and Daughters of the King.”
  • “If someone tells me that its wrong to hope, I will tell them they are wrong every time.”
  • “Helping others isn’t always about saving lives or amazing feats. Sometimes its about the little acts of kindness that change our world for the better.”

Mirai is very much the gentle embodiment of joy and grace to the point of almost seeming flighty, but nothing could be further from the truth, for she bears the discernment of her father and the strong spirit of her mother.
Ever intent on seizing the day, and exploring the wide world, Mirai can be a force of personality dancing about the countryside, and forever escaping her entourage. A habit that gives the royal courts no end of grief. Only her longstanding friend and faithful bodyguard Lianna has been able to stay by her side, and while Mirai doesn’t always show it, Lianna is very special to her.

Like many in the royal family, Mirai has a propensity for magic, and is capable of using archer’s magic, like the materia bow spell; a magic bolt with the capacity to launch mana in elemental form as a physical projectile. Her necklace, a relic and heirloom from her mother, is of a special lacrima with distinct mana-carrying properties.

Princess Mirai Rose Fairblest

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