Pyrrha Cardinal

Spearmeister & weapon Requipper


- Hesitant to make friends; Loner at the outset.
- Generous
- Never without food

Pyrrha quotes:
– “If your just living for yourself, then you’ve nothing to be guilty about. Its all up to you. No hard feelings; no regrets.”
– “There’s an easier way to make a guy you fell in love with yours. Use that magic you worked so hard for. Rush in there right now and break his hands and legs so he’ll never be able to use them again. Make him totally helpless without you. Then he’ll be yours… body and soul.”
– “Don’t waste food! I’ll kill you if you do.”


Orphaned at a young age, Pyrrha Cardinal was left an urchin on the streets, and after many nights cold and hungry, Pyrrha resolved she would survive to live a better life. Before long she was living the life of the cutpurse; using a walking stick of sorts to fend off attackers. Eventually her exploits got the attention of a female mercenary, who showed her how to apply her skills to a spear, imparting to her that she could live an honest life with it.
However, spear mastery was not enough for Pyrrha. Life on the streets had versed her in the ‘hunt or be hunted’ mindset, and she wanted the power to make sure she would never be hunted again. Even while training with the spear, she delved into elemental (namely pyrotechnic) arts with her Ruby stone (the one thing she still had from her parents) and sought out ever deadlier techniques from individuals like Cordelia, & soon perfected use of more exotic weapons like the scorpion chain.

Having often been without it in her first years as an orphan, Pyrrha is never without food or a snack of some sort to munch on. Her mantra: ‘you get what you paid for’, and considers heroism and codes of honor senseless.

Conversely though, she’s shown moments of unprecedented generosity, like with food, and despite coming off as selfish, cares a great deal for others.

Pyrrha Cardinal

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