Tamara La-Fay Amore

Musketeer & Weapon Requipper


- Nurturing, motherly nature
- Well Tempered; ‘Ladylike’
- Meek when not in combat

Tami Quotes:
- I’m not afraid when I’m with others. I know I’m not alone, and that my fight is not in vain.


For those who lived in the west, the use of arrows was becoming increasingly ineffective against the armor plates of knights. But when a mad alchemist came up with a way to apply dwarven powder to a musket, which had the capacity to pierce many of these armors, that all changed. Due to the long reload time, it was not long before Western wizards began exploring use of the requipping spell for this strange new weapon of war. Such was Tami’s introduction to musketeer spell casting.
Tami’s arsenal is simple, and focused around requipping the musket efficiently. She can fight hand-to-hand with it with skill enough to give pause to any melee attacker who manages to get close enough. She has been known to summon masses of weapons to rain hails down on her opponents, or her massive cannon, “Tiro Finale” whose devastating firepower can tear down whole walls.

Tamara La-Fay Amore

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