Patrick Etienne

Former Sheriff of (Province)


Age: 38
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter
Affiliations and Titles: (former) Captain Etienne, Sheriff of ______(castle)
Appearance: Height: 6’ 0”, Tall, Blonde hair, often dressed in sable garb.
General alignment: Good
Equipment and other belongings: Double slung crossbow, Short Sword, Longsword; Family Greatsword; Warhorse
Skills, and Talents: Crossbow use/Archery; Tactics; Hunting; Wilderness survival; Swordsmanship; Mounted combat; Command; Armor training; Hawking. Immense strength

Weaknesses: Hunted; On the run;

Captain Etienne is a strong-willed, commanding persona. His presence gives his allies security, and his foes pause. It also give him a surprising affinity for many animals, and it is rumored he has tamed more than a few strong-willed beasts. He takes great pride in his family heritage, and has a strong sense of justice. He is not however without humor or grace, and while he bears a temper, he is not prone to rash or reckless action.


Captain Etienne was a respected man of his community. He served the Duke of _______ as sheriff and captain of the guard. Then (I need to discuss the event that occurs, as it will be pertinant to the forum), forcing him from his home with but a handful of belongings and tools. He was however not defeated, and managed to escape with the duke’s daughter, and vowed to see his sire’s good name restored, and perhaps even reunite the duke’s daughter with her father. Fleeing to the south-west, he sought help from a former pupil of his, who loaned him a fine horse and vowed he would help when he was sure his own lands were safe once more.

Patrick Etienne

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